The Verdon Gorges,

pure nature

Oh, the Verdon Gorges! A unique experience to try in a kayak or a canoe. A visit to the heart of the gorge is a return to nature that will delight young and old alike. Come with us on our Provençale adventure!

By Caroline Taret - Production L-Films/Webedia - Musc Getty Music - May 24, 2013

Our date is made with Christophe, guide and founder of Aquattitude, which accompanies visitors on foot or by boat in the Verdon Gorge. Just before Natureman, the first triathlon in the Verdon planned for the next day, Christophe, with good humor and instruction, takes us on a tour by kayak to the heart of the Gorges. The shock is immediate. After some advice on practicing this activity and crucial reminders about the protection of the site, we take off for a trip of about 1.5 hours, up to the barrier of the Sainte-Croix lake. A little paradise on

earth. opens before our eyes, with green water and luxurious vegetation. Some narrow passages allow you to touch the rocky walls of the gorge, where moss and other plants saturated with water grow abundantly. These fall back like mossy fountains on to the walls towards the emerald water. You would think you were in the Amazon if Christophe’s accent didn’t bring us back to Provence. A skilled guide, winter like summer, Christophe reminds us to what degree our ecological conscience must be awakened. Which is the case for us and we hope to convey it to you via this little film of our adventure.



Rafting, canoe, kayak in the Verdon.


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