Angelica... Just its name is a promise of wonderful moments. This plant, to which magical properties are attributed, is today present in your beauty products, and assures deep moisturizing and vitality, perfect to start the spring, which promises to be glorious!

By Marine Normand - Photos DR S.Buffard / L'Occitane - March 29, 2012

While many of its cousins can be found at our feet, Angelica is one of those plants that you can’t miss. With a flower recalling a constellation, Angelica favors damp ground in which its thick roots liberally stock up on water. A thirst that suits it well: its development is so rapid that it can reach two meters in just a few weeks! It’s impossible to miss this queen.

Because “Angels grass” has more than just a poetic name, which comes from a legend, that of the Archangel Raphael who revealed its astounding properties to man. Used in this way, as a sort of alternative medicine, it’s an excellent toner, which stimulates the appetite and assists digestion. But it’s also a real charmer; its roots were (and perhaps still are!) worn as a protective amulet by children to ward off bad luck.

The plant’s odor had a reputation for scaring off witches… Magical stories equal to this majestic plant and which accentuate its irresistible charm. As for its perfume, Angelica seduces patissiers, cooks and candy makers who use it regularly in their tasty preparations. Belonging to the anise family, Angelica recalls the flavor of mint or genepi and can be made into a liqueur, herb or sweet. What’s more, a specialty of the city of Niort since the 18th century the candied Angelica stem is delicious, as prepared just after harvest in July-August.

But it’s for its toning and revitalizing properties, close to that of Chinese ginseng, and its surprising capacity to moisturize the skin that L’Occitane identified the tall damsel, and around which it has registered two patents. The brand dedicates a range called “Radieuse” to the plant, produced thanks to Mr Nivon’s organic production, a grower installed in the Drome region of France. Angelica is adapted to a range of products, employing both its essential oil and its water, which plump and give radiance to our tired complexions just coming out of winter…