Château Revelette

Route de Rians
13490 Jouques



available to contemporary winemakers. What I enjoy, is the charm of imperfection.”


An organic farm since 1990, he produces wines far from all uniformity and standardization. “The wine from Château Revelette expresses its terroir and reflects the climate,” asserts Peter Fischer. “A certain vintage corresponds to a sunny year, another will express the rigor of the climate endured that year…” Peter interrupts himself. Outside, perched on the roof, a peacock squawks three times. Revelette appears like a mystery, and we leave with a smile.

When he was younger, this German Francophile studied winemaking in California before settling at Revelette, and making it one of the most respected addresses on the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. “For a long time, it was a farm that worked the surrounding fields. Then, bought by a series of rich families from the region, it became a holiday home particularly enjoyed during the height of summer or hunting season.” Since he moved here, Peter Fischer has patiently observed the surrounding nature and established certain convictions, “To make a perfect wine doesn’t interest me, even if it’s now possible with all the techniques

Just after Jouques, going towards Rians, don’t miss the turn on the right. Cross the old bridge and before you know it you’ve arrived at Château Revelette. An alley runs alongside an unusual French-style garden, decorated with stone statues and surrounding by vines, cedars, pines and plane trees. A beautiful 18th-century home sits in the middle of a field. In the small pond near the entrance, metal sculptures of herons sit side by side with real peacocks. “Revelette is a secret place, private, enchanting,” says Peter Fischer, the owner. “I feel like I’m in another world each time I return to it”.

I’m in another world each time I return to the domain”.

By Jean Dominique Dalloz - July 24, 2011

A beautiful old residence, century-old trees, a shady stream, strolling peacocks, an exceptional wine... Welcome to Château Revelette.

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