A new restaurant Les Gamins has opened in Marseille. The atmosphere? Friendly. The tasty menu focuses on burgers, but Caesar salad, fish & chips and cheesecake also feature. Delicious!

By Linda Mestaoui - Photos DR - January 4, 2013

The owner Julien de Ferluc hails from Toulouse. He’s been working in the restaurant industry for 8 years (a bistro in Toulouse then in Paris). Marseille? Almost an accident, a fruitful meeting, a case of love at first sight! During a visit to the Radiant City, he fell under the spell of this city. The idea of living in Marseille in a pleasant setting tempted him. Then everything followed quite naturally. He was offered a good deal that matched his needs: a place on a human scale, with character, a black-and-white tiled floor, and a zinc bar. The location is ideal, the Cours Julien, a trendy neighborhood but also with a nod to his name.





Les Gamins? The name is easy to remember, and here we eat with our hands, in a relaxed atmosphere that can seat 40 inside and 30 on the terrace.


On the menu: Ten burgers (classic, bacon cheese, fish burger, vegetarian, foie gras and fig chutney…) The bread, fries and sauces are all made on the premises. We start by nibbling fried eel with Thai mayonnaise, lightly spiced. Make sure you try the Eggs Benedict, which is to die for. Alternatives to burgers exist, like the hand-cut steak tartare and the fish and chips with a rye bread batter. Clément Higgins, a self-taught and passionate pastry chef, prepares the desserts (Oreo or speculoos cheesecake, cream puffs).



Les Gamins

11 Cours Julien

13006 Marseille

Open Tuesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner. Sunday brunch. Reservations :


The slightly old-fashioned décor was conceived by Julien, who definitely has good taste, in a resolutely retro spirit. He sourced his furniture from Helene Boy, a second-hand goods dealer and designer who has a store on Rue de Breteuil in Marseille. Another fruitful meeting that Marseille tends to make happen. He ordered the mirrors, then the light fittings there, and ended up sourcing all the decoration there.

Open since August 17, the restaurant Les Gamins is very welcoming.

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