It’s a good thing that the boutique isn’t big. The moment you enter, your eyes behold the many shirts, jackets, trousers and ties on offer. In shades of blues and grays with touches of bright color, the Emile Lafaurie style is immediately recognizable. For men who favor clothes with soft lines and a look that’s relaxed yet impeccable, this boutique is an invaluable find. The men of Aix can’t go wrong there, and many have been faithful customers for years now. It’s also a somewhat secretive place. The brand never advertises and has found success

In Aix-en-Provence there’s a secret address, shared confidentially amongst men who want clothes that are stylish yet casual.

Text and photos by Jean-Dominique Dalloz - December 29, 2011


Culture and Fashion

primarily through favorable word-of-mouth: “Our identity is miles away from any kind of ostentation,” says Chantal, who has been managing the shop for nearly eight years. “The Emile Lafaurie label is very discrete in our clothes. Above all, our style is all about codes that function across all seasons, not hyped-up fashion sensations.” This identity owes a lot to its creator, Pierre Lafaurie. This forty-something-year-old autodidact has been at the creative helm since he launched his first boutique. His innate sense of cut and his sound choice of

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Boutique Emile Lafaurie
9 rue Granet

colors and materials set his collections apart from the rest; each year, they evolve through only the most discrete touches. “In fact,” explains Pierre, “since the beginning, it’s been my goal to offer men clothes that appeal to women. Sober, intimate, urban, designed for independent and creative personalities.” 

This is exactly the type of man that you find in the Aix boutique, and he’s particularly interested in the value for money he finds there. The fabrics and materials are worked and assembled with care in workshops in Italy and Portugal. Poplin is de rigueur for shirts and linen is omnipresent. We noticed a beautiful wool sweater with a button collar for 65 € and

coordinating jackets for less than 200 €.

So there you have it: you’ve been let in on the secret. There are also Emile Lafaurie boutiques in Paris and sales points in New York and San Francisco. Only share the secret with people you trust!