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Orange Blossom

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Orangina, 75 Years of Orange Pulp!
In the Orangina family, I want to meet the father! Jean-Claude Béton and his "Art d'Entreprendre", or "Art of Entrepreneurship", are honored all...

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About : Orange Blossom

Originating from Tunisia, the orange blossom has an unmistakable and enticing aroma – a sparkling fragrance with a soft, woody trail. The blossom is harvesting each spring then distilled in order to release its intoxicating Neroli essense.


Beauty Blossom

The rich oil is produced from the bitter orange tree's flowers; the oil's aroma is sweet and spicy and often used as an ingredient in beauty products including soaps, massage gels and aromatherapy oils. It blends perfectly with other citrus oils, many synthetic ingredients and numerous floral absolutes, and as a result has become a much-favored ingredient within the perfume industry. Also, the cherry blossom is one of the secret ingredients for flavoring Coca-Cola.


Fleur Cherie by L'OCCITANE

Ingredients as versatile as Neroli are rare and in demand. The oil of the orange blossom is known to be soothing and has traditionally been used to combat stress, tension and to improve circulation. The Fleur Cherie line by L'OCCITANE en Provence evokes the scent of the orange blossom with a body cream, shower gel and eau de toilette. For a relaxing yet invigorating beauty experience, try these out yourself!



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Orangina, 75 Years of Orange Pulp!
Orangina, 75 Years of Orange Pulp!
In the Orangina family, I want to meet the father! Jean-Claude...