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About : Myrtle

Myrtle is an evergreen shrub originating from southern Europe and northern Africa. In addition to being cultivated as an ornamental garden plant, it has become popular in some regions for its ability to help remedy sinus problems.


A Religious Flower

Myrtle has appeared throughout history from Ancient Greece to religious ceremonies in both Pagan and Jewish cultures. In Greek mythology, myrtle was sacred to the goddess Aphrodite and became a symbol of love and immortality. More recently, myrtle plants have been used in wedding bouquets and in cosmetic products.


Form and uses of Myrtle

Myrtle has thick leaves with countless glands that produce oil which was once used as an antiseptic. Its inch-long white flowers appear at the end of its short stalks in late summer. In addition to being a popular garden plant, myrtle has become known to help with medical problems, especially sinus related illnesses.

In Provence, women have traditionally brewed myrtle leaves as tea in order to help maintain a youthful appearance. While its bitterness prevents it from becoming a culinary staple, it is used in Sardinia and Corsica to wrap and smoke meats that absorb the flavor. Myrtle also produces berries, which are used to flavor a popular liquor, Tremontis Merto, in Italy.


Myrtle Fragrance & Skincare by L'OCCITANE

The soft yet wild fragrance of myrtle has also helped it become a fragrance component. As part of its "Voyage en Mediterranée" collection of eau de toilette perfumes, L'OCCITANE uses the myrtle oil and water to create this Corsican scent.

In addition, myrtle is an important ingredient in L'OCCITANE's Immortelle Divine line of skincare products. Its essential oil contributes uniquely to these anti-aging products by stimulating longevity proteins to help increase cellular vitality and preserve skin's youthful look.