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Angelica, The Elegant Lady of Provence
Angelica... Just its name is a promise of wonderful moments. This plant, to which magical properties are attributed, is today present in your...

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About : Angelica

Angelica is a genus from the Apiaceae family, native to subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere; these flowers can even survive the temperatures in North Iceland and Lapland.


Angelica in History

It is believed that angelica got its name from a legend in which the Archangel Micheal presented the plant to a monk during the plague in the 14th Century, claiming it could protect against the illness. Following this, people would hold a piece of the root in their mouths to protect themselves from the deadly disease.


During the Middle Ages in France, angelica was not just used for the plague; it was also an herb recommended for people who were overtired from work or in need of healing. The flowers were also believed to fight off witches, who were said to not be able to resist their delightful smell.


Angelica in Present Day

Today, people still use the ingredient for its medicinal purposes. Locals will chew on angelica or brew it like a tea in order to use it as an anesthetic. It can also heighten the consumer's immune system.

In addition to the plant's medical usage, angelica seeds and roots are sometimes used in the well-known potent green liqueur, absinthe.


It has also been discovered that angelica water contains aquaporins, which once applied, actively work within the membranes of the skin, giving it more elasticity and vitality.


Angelica Skincare by L'OCCITANE

The incredible effects the angelica plant have not gone unnoticed by L'OCCITANE. The natural skin care company uses organic angelica and angelica water in its ultra-hydrating angelica beauty range.

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Angelica, The Elegant Lady of Provence
Angelica, The Elegant Lady of Provence
Angelica... Just its name is a promise of wonderful moments. This...